Alcohol, Tobacco & Other Drug Abuse

Alcohol, Tobacco & Other Drug Abuse



The Freedom Area School District is a part of the Outagamie County Pre-Action coalition that provides awareness, funding, and education to communities and school districts in the area of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug prevention.  They also promote safety and a positive school climate through workshops and education.  There are seven school districts in this group who are all represented by a district ATODA Coordinator.  Our current district ATODA Coordinators are Jen Vander Loop and Tony Harke.  


Local Initiatives and Activities

This is a district wide, K-12 initiative that provides funding, awareness, curriculum, education and training opportunities for all of the FASD students and staff.  Working closely with our CESA 6 ATODA Coordinator, we secure federal money each year to support programs that address alcohol and other drug prevention as well as school safety issues.  Our primary focus is to insure that all students receive education in the ATODA area.  This is done through age appropriate class presentations, small groups, and in individual settings.  We also provide a variety of lyceums and assemblies that specifically address some of these issues.


Activities past and present

  • Mock Crash - Drunk driving awareness (HS)
  • Safe and Sober Homecoming (HS)
  • TATU Training (HS & MS)
  • Great American Smoke out (HS)
  • "Project Alert" - MS ATODA Curriculum
  • Red Ribbon Week Recognition (MS & ES)
  • P.A.R.T.Y. at the PAC (HS freshmen)
  • Teen Symposium (HS leadership training)
  • Peer Share Day (MS & HS)


The Freedom Area School District is committed to the young people of our community to lead safe and drug free lives.  We believe that to achieve success, students and adults must choose to live a healthy lifestyle that allows a person to realize their full mental, emotional, and intellectual potential.  We welcome any input and assistance from our community as the health and wellness of our young people is the responsibility of us all.

A helpful website:  Partnership for Drug-Free Kids




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