Our society is constantly changing.  As these changes occur, it is important to remember the life skills that are essential to the development of all individuals.   Family and Consumer Science classes offer the knowledge and skills necessary for a wide range of  personal, social and professional growth opportunities.


Family and Consumer Science Department Goals

  • Provide lifelong skills to enable our students to reach their maximum potential in their personal and professional lives.
  • Foster a sense of independence in our students.
  • Assist students in developing a healthy self-esteem.
  • Provide students with a sound knowledge base to assist them in making sound decisions.
  • Provide a safe learning environment for all students.




Child Development (10-12)
Decorating, Design and Sewing  (9-12)
Foods 1  (9-12
Foods 2  (10-12)
Introduction to Health Careers  (11-12)
Medical Terminology  (11-12)
Nursing Assistant  (11-12)
People Skills for Health Workers (11-12)
Relationships  (11-12)


Family and Consumer Education Department -- High School

CPR Class 2010
CPR Class 2010
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