Department Goals

Students will use effective reading strategies to achieve their purposes in reading.
Students will read, interpret, and critically analyze literature.
Students will read and discuss literary and nonliterary texts in order to understand human experience.
Students will create or produce writing to communicate with different audiences for a variety of purposes.
Students will plan, revise, edit, and publish clear and effective writing.
Students will understand the function of various forms, structures, and punctuation marks of standard English and use them appropriately in written communications.
Students will prepare and deliver oral presentations appropriate to specific purposes and audiences.
Students will listen to, discuss, and comprehend oral communications.
Students will participate effectively in discussions.
Students will develop their vocabulary and ability to use words, phrases, idioms, and various grammatical structures as a means of improving communication.
Students will recognize and interpret various uses and adaptations of language in social, cultural, regional, and professional situations, and learn to be flexible and responsive in their use of English.

The emphasis in the English Department will be to enhance our students' classroom experience with a wide variety of educational opportunities including essays, hands-on interactive projects, research activities, author studies, and associated literary works.  Students completing the Freedom High School English program will have the academic, critical thinking, and interpersonal communication skills that will assist them in becoming responsible, productive citizens and lifelong learners.

 Mission Statement

    The Freedom High School English Department is committed to creating an academic program that is second-to-none in the Fox Valley Area.  We work to create an environment where students  read and respond to a wide variety of writing in order to build an understanding of written materials, of themselves, and of others.  Students will  write clearly and effectively in order to share information,  to influence and  to entertain audiences.  Students will also be expected to listen,  to understand, and  to speak  within diverse situations.

English Department Grading Scale

59 and below--F

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