Welcome to choir!  Below you will find the Choir Expectation Sheet.  This document includes grading information, concert dates, and concert attire.  


Freedom Choir 

A word from the Director:  You have chosen to be a part of this ensemble.  This ensemble is unique because you are a part of it.  Your voice is unique.  No two people have the same voice.  This ensemble will not sound the same as it did last year.  This ensemble will not sound the same when you are gone.  The success of this ensemble will be judged by the unified results of each member.  That means we are only as successful as your contribution.  To ensure ensemble success, each person must put forth his/her best effort, plus more than you think you are able to give.  Each one here must contribute to the pursuit of excellence.  Older, more experienced members should sense the need to serve as responsible leaders.  Younger, less experienced members should provide energy, enthusiasm, and an eagerness to learn.  This ensemble should be precious to you because you are a part of it. 

My classroom expectations are as follows: 

-When the bell rings, you are sitting in your assigned seat, with your music in your hand, ready to sing.

-You take your music home and work on your part outside of class.

-If you can’t figure out the music on your own, come in and ask Mrs. Maves for help.

-Be encouraging to those around you.


-When Mrs. Maves is counting off, you are breathing in,  preparing to sing correctly.

-When Mrs. Maves tells you to mark your music, you have a pencil ready, and mark it.

- Even when you don’t feel like it, sing with excellence.

-Do your best to figure out sight singing examples DAILY. 

For students who are participating in Green Sing Gold/ Mixed Choir:  You will be required to wear concert attire for concerts.  Women will wear black dresses, and men will wear a tux.  I have several dresses and tuxs here in various sizes.  You will need to make sure your dress and pants are appropriately hemmed before concert.  The shoes are available through me.  Women’s shoes are $23.00, Men’s shoes are $25.00.  Men will wear BLACK socks with black tux shoes, women will wear black pantyhose with their black dress and shoes.  You will need to buy your own shoes and socks.  Please do not wear any jewelry with your tux/dress. 

For students who are participating in Women’s Chorale (Treble Gold);  You will be wearing robes for concert.  You do need to dress appropriately under your robes.  Please wear a skirt with black pantyhose or black leggings and dressy black shoes.  If you must wear a heel, please no higher than a 2 inch heel. Please DO NOT WEAR FLIP FLOPS.

Grading Policy:  This is not a Math, Science, Social Studies, or English class.  This is a performance class.  Your grade in choir is an earned grade, based on your daily performance.  Your grade is not necessarily based on your ability to sing.  Your grade is based on the contribution you make to the success of this ensemble.  Your grade is based on your attitude, sight singing, attendance in class, at concerts, solo and ensemble, and how hard you are willing to work for the excellence of the choir.  Concerts  are mandatory for all choir members.  Concerts are the “final” for this class each semester.  If you miss a final in any other class, you usually fail the class.  There are no make ups for concerts. You do have the opportunity to participate in solo and ensemble. I cannot stress enough how important it is for your to participate in solo and ensemble. You will grow exponentially as a musician through this experience. It is not enough to SAY you want to be an excellent choir, you must demonstrate by your actions DAILY that you are committed to that goal. 


To get an A in Choir: Have excellent posture, have a pencil ready at all times in rehearsal, LEARN YOUR PART THROUGH HOME PRACTICE!  Be a leader in your section.  Use time given appropriately to figure out your daily sight singing example. Sing correctly (posture, breathing, support, open throat, open mouth, enunciate properly, project to contribute to the whole choir sound).  Listen attentively.  Help others when appropriate.  Do not distract others.  Do not criticize others.  Finish all written work appropriately, and in a timely manner.  Choose a ‘can do’ attitude.  Leave your bad attitude at the door.  Give all you’ve got plus a little bit more every day in rehearsal. 

To get a B in Choir:  Slouch.  No pencil.  Don’t bother marking your music.  Don’t practice to learn your music on your own.  Depend on your neighbor to help your sing the right notes.  Talk during time given for sight singing. Depend on your neighbor to help your sing correctly (“But, I can’t sing all by myself!!!”)  Refuse to sing because; you don’t feel good/don’t feel like it/are tired/etc.  Laugh at others when they are trying,  Sigh real big when you have to find a pencil and do written work.  Complain about the music/others/director/etc. 

To get a C in Choir:  Sit. Unless I look right at you and demand that you stand up.  Then sigh real big, roll your eyes, and stand with bad posture.  Never have a pencil ready, borrow someone else’s.  Bring a bad attitude to class, refuse to sing because your don’t feel like it, or whatever the excuse of the day is.  When you do sing, barely move your lips, and sing really, really soft.  Scowl at the director. Complain about the music, or others, or the director.  (Directors note, if I see this attitude, you will be asked to leave this ensemble.) 

To get a D/F:  Miss a performance.




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