Math Expressions online

Math Expressions online

The Freedom Area School District is currently using ThinkCentral which is an all-in-one learning site that provides access
to digital books, activities, readers and more.  Included is access to Math Expressions for K-6 Math students. 
Click on the following link for access to printable instructions on the parent portal. 

Think Central Math Expressions Online Portal


Freedom Area School District
Parent Access to Math Expressions Online Portal (Grades K-6)

  1. Go online to
  2. Fill in login information as follows:
    State:           Wisconsin
    District:       Freedom Area School District
    School:        Freedom Elementary School or Freedom Middle School (whichever grade level you
                        want to access)
    User Name: “parentK,” “parent1,” “parent4,” …. (**depending on your child’s grade level…)
  3.  Note: the username is unique to a grade level-i.e.:
    “parentK”            for Kindergarten parent
    “parent1”             for 1st grade parent
    “parent2”             for 2nd grade parent
    “parent3”             for 3rd grade parent
    “parent4”            for 4th grade parent
    “parent05”            for 5th grade parent
    “parent6”            for 6th grade parent
    Password: The password is the word “password
  4. Check the box that says “Remember my information” so the next time you login you will not need to select State, District, and School
  5. Once logged in, click on “My Library”
  6. Icons will appear that give you access to the Student Activity book, online math tools, and Mega Math activities for practice
  7. If you click into the Student Activity Book, you can search the “Table of Contents” by clicking the “Book” icon in the top left corner. This will take you to whatever unit and lesson your child is working on. Once you are at the lesson page, click on the “Chainlinks” icon at the top of the screen. A drop-down menu will appear that includes the homework and remembering sheets and other important resources for support.
  8. In that drop down menu, click on “Education Place”. This link will take you to the following valuable resources for each grade level:
    Unit Overview (explains the content and ski8lls being taught within each unit)
    **Research and Math Background (explains the processes/procedures and research behind the learning so you can help support your child)
    **Teaching Tools (provides access to many printable learning tools and resources for at-home practice)
    Math Talk Learning Community (explains goals of math talk and emphasis on math reasoning)
    Problem Types (explains how problems grow in complexity and deploy over the course of a unit/grade)



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