Special Education

Special Education

Services are provided to children at Freedom Elementary School who demonstrate special education needs and who qualify for programming based on the state definition for each program.  Programming is based on the individual needs of each student and is determined by the Interdisciplinary Team.  Annual goals and objectives are stated in each students' Individual Educational Plan (IEP).  Special Education services are provided in both regular and special education settings.


The following programs are available to help children with a variety of handicapping conditions:


Early Childhood:  This program provides services for children ages 3 to 6 years with developmental disabilities in the areas of socialization, cognition, gross/fine motor, and/or language.  Our Early Childhood Teacher is Mrs. Jennifer Re.


Learning Disabilities:  This program works with students in the academic areas of reading, written language, and math in support of the child's regular educational program.  Our Learning Disabilities Teacher is Mrs. Mary VanRooy.


Cognitive Disabilities:  This program provides support in functional academics, life skills, and in regular academic areas.  Our Cognitive Disabilities Teacher is Mrs. Jen Huebner.


Emotional Disabilities:  This program provides social skills training, behavioral intervention and academic support.  Our Emotional Disabilities Teacher is Mrs. Stephanie Linsmeyer.


Speech and Language:  This program focuses on developing communication skills in the areas of articulation, phonology, fluency, voice, receptive/expressive language, pragmatics (appropriate use of language), and hearing.  Our program also explores assistive technology/augmentative communication systems as to supplement the communication skills for some individuals.  Our Speech-Language Pathologists are Mrs. Angela Merbach (grades 1-12) and Mrs. Jodi Frailing (ages 3 years through grade 1).


Physical Therapy:  This program focuses on improving gross motor skills, teaching strategies to overcome motor deficits, and consulting with school staff on adaptations to equipment or the environment.


Occupational Therapy:  This program focuses on the student's functional skills in the area of fine motor, perceptual-motor, self-care, and play.  Assessments, recommendations, and training are also provided for students and staff regarding assistive equipment and technology as well as environmental adaptations as needed.  Our Occupational Therapist is Mrs. Judy Muniz.


Adaptive Physical Education:  This is an alternative program for students with special needs in movement education.  The structure of a regular physical education class is maintained with a routine of exercises including flexibility, strength and cardiovascular conditioning.  Class activities are modified to meet the student's needs, and are provided in a small group or one to one instruction.  Our Adaptive Physical Education Teacher is Mr. Tony Harke.


All special education teachers are available as resources for the regular education staff and for parents. 


If you have a concern regarding your child's academic, motor, communication, social or emotional skills, please contact your child's teacher or Lorrie Hofacker in the Pupil Services Office.  They will be able to put you in contact with the appropriate specialist at the elementary school.

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