Welcome to Art!!!

My goal is to provide students with positive ways to express themselves, their feelings and thoughts, through their artwork by providing students with creative art experiences, so they can grow and explore as young artists. 

During the year students will be introduced to different artists and their distinctive styles, various art mediums and art techniques.  Students will create works of art that include drawing, printmaking, painting, mixed media, collage as well as 3-dimensional pieces.   Ideas for projects come from a variety of souces, such as what is going on in the regular classroom, art history, famous artists, artwork for music programs and from cultures around the world.

My goals for the art program are to help students:
-develop and express their ideas
-encourage and develop a desire and ability to create

-explore various art mediums
-recognize and understand art in the world around them
-develop flexible problem solving skills through creative thinking

Expectations for a grade of "O" (Outstanding)
-Effort:  artists use class time wisely and does their best work
-Creativity:  artist's work is original and unique and shows their individuality
-Behavior:  artist always has a positive  "I can do it"  attitude
-Participation:  artist will contribute to art class by offering ideas and/or asking questions
-Use of Materials:  artist shows respect for all art materials and the art room

 What will you see in the artroom?

-Young artists having fun while learning and exploring with new art techniques and mediums. 

-Young artists developing their problem solving skills, expressing their originality and creativity through their artwork

-Young artists realizing the connection between their classroom studies and their art activities

Good questions to ask your child about their artwork:
-How did you make that?
-Can you tell me about it?
-Where did you get the idea?
-Where did you begin?
-What was your favorite part?
Have you ever created anything like this before?
-If you gave it a title, what would you call it?

Thanks for visiting the art page and visit again soon.  I will be posting photos of what your young artist is creating in the artroom!!!

"A line is a dot that went for a walk."  ~ Paul Klee.


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