Logo - Freedom Area School District
Logo - Freedom Area School District

District Educational Philosophy

The Board of Education and the Staff of the Freedom Area School District believe that education is a lifelong process that does not end when school is left behind.  Education is held to be a cooperative effort among school, home and community which emphasizes learning as a continuing process to help ensure the best educational performance by our students.  We believe our students should learn from the past, meet the challenges of the present and be ready to cope with their future responsibilities in a democratic society.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Freedom Area School District is to
develop in our youth a continuing desire to learn.
To this end, educational programs which fit the
appropriate developmental abilities, needs, and interests
of our students will be provided on an equal basis.
With this goal in mind,
appropriate academic, cognitive, emotional,
physical, social and vocational skills
will be developed in our students.