Logo - Freedom Area School District
Logo - Freedom Area School District
District Calendar

                        2015-2016 School Year ~ Important Dates

August 26                              Staff In-Service

August 27                              Staff Work Day

September 1                         1st Student Day

September 7                          Labor Day-No School

October 2                               Early Dismissal/In-Service

October 23                             No School-Conference Break

November 3                          End of 1st Quarter

November 4-5                       MS/HS Parent/Teacher Conferences

November 6                           No School–Staff Work Day

November 11-12                  ES Parent/Teacher Conferences

November 26-27                  No School-Thanksgiving Break

December 23                        Early Dismissal/In-Service

Dec 24-Jan 1                        No School-Winter Break

January 4                              Classes Resume

January 21                           End of 2nd Quarter

January 22                           No School-Records Day

February 24                         ES/MS/HS Parent/Teacher Conferences

February 25                         Early Dismissal/In-Service

February 26                         No School-Conference Break

March 24                              End of 3rd Quarter

March 25-29                        No School–Spring Break

March 30                              No School-Staff In-Service/Work Day

April 22                                Early Dismissal/In-Service

May 28                                 FHS Graduation

May 30                                 No School-Memorial Day

June 2                                  Early Dismissal/Last Student Day
                                               PM Staff Work Day
June 3                                  Work Day for All Staff  ½ Day


2016-2017 School Year ~ Important Dates

                                              August 29                     Staff In-Service

August 30                     Staff In-Service

August 31                     Staff Work Day

September 1                  1st Student Day

September 5                  Labor Day-No School

October 7                       Early Dismissal/In-Service

October 21                     No School-Conference Break

November 4                   End of 1st Quarter

November 7                   No School–Staff Work Day

November 23-25             No School-Thanksgiving Break

December 23                  Early Dismissal/In-Service

Dec 24-Jan 1                   No School-Winter Break

January 2                        Classes Resume

January 19                      End of 2nd Quarter

January 20                      No School-Records Day

February 23                     Early Dismissal/In-Service

February 24                     No School-Conference Break

March 23                          End of 3rd Quarter

March 24                          No School-Staff In-Service/Work Day

April 14-18                       No School–Spring Break

May 5                               Early Dismissal/In-Service

May 27                             FHS Graduation

May 29                             No School-Memorial Day

June 1                             Early Dismissal/Last Student Day
                                                                PM Staff Work Day

June 2                             Work Day for All Staff  ½ Day

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