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Some digital lessons in conjunction with Digital Learning Day


PreKindergarten lesson--During circle time we will be learning about letter K.  We will be using starfall.com on the Smart Board to learn about letter K.  We will also be singing and dancing to a letter K song from youtube.com. We will be studying groundhogs and singing "I'm a Little Groundhog" using our Smart Board and youtube.com.  During centers small groups of kids will take turns practicing their letter recognition skills by doing alphabet puzzles on the Smart Board at abcya.com  JR

PreKindergarten -- On Feb 1st, we will be studying Groundhog's Day with the M/W class. We will use the Smart Board to find out information and view pictures of a groundhog. We will also be using our Smart Board during center time to practice letter recognition. Here, students throw a koosh ball at the Smart Board to get a letter to pop up. They name the letter, and can then trace it with the pens. A favorite song we do called, "We Can Count to 100," is something we will do on the Smart Board as well. Also, our letter of the week can be practiced on Starfall.com  CW

EEN/Kindergarten--We will be doing an activity with my (EEN) kindergarten students where the children put letters in order on the Smart Board.  When they finish, they will be able to use the letter blocks to put together words of their own.  JR

Kindergarten--In my class we will be using the Smart Board to have kids interact with their poem of the week that will be groundhogs.  We will also record our voices as we read the poem together and then highlight things that are special about the poem with the highlighter tool.  We will also be completing two lessons on the Smart Board about groundhogs.  One is general groundhog information and information about hibernating animals.  The other is about shadows.  JW

Kindergarten--Our class will be making a graph on the Smart Board to predict if the groundhog will see his shadow or not.

Kindergarten--We will also be looking up some facts about groundhogs on the Internet.  SC

Kindergarten--I am going to use a groundhog video on the discovery site you sent us and have the kids working on math games from coolmath.com for a center. AA

Kindergarten--The class will be working on their daily routine in the morning on the Smart Board. They fill in their lunch and we work on the calendar and morning message together. At the end of the day we gather together to graph birthdays, weather and lost teeth. We also go over the days' events and do an end of the day message. For Centers they will click on and listen to sight words and then copy some of the words onto a white board for practice in reading, spelling and writing sight words.  JL
Elementary Art--I will have the tablet hooked up to the Smart Board along with a drawing lesson for the students to each take a turn with--if we have time we will talk about Picasso and each student will create their own Picasso head.  SR
Elementary Media Center--I am going to project lessons on the computer catalog with 2nd grade.  NZ

Speech--My students will be using the iPad along with the ArticPix app for working on articulation skills.  Most will practice words and sentences with target sounds using the flashcards and then be reinforced with these flashcards in the ArticPix memory game.  JF

1st Grade--I will be teaching the long U phonics using Notebook software and the Smart Board.  NT

1st Grade--In my class we will have a language arts lesson using Notebook software on the Smart Board.  KR
1st Grade--My class will be doing a calendar/math lesson using Notebook software and the Smart Board. PK
1st Grade--My class will be using the Smart Board to do 100 day of school activities.  SS
1st Grade--Digital learning is a large part of our day in my classroom.  Each morning we begin our day with the 'Calendar' activities on the Smart Board.  This week our theme is The 100th day of school and Groundhog day.   We will be using technology to search our facts about the ground hog and shadows.  Each week we have a Smart Board math activity during our math center time.  This week the students are rolling two dice on the Smart Board and adding their way to 100 on the hundreds chart.  TH
2nd Grade--I will be taking my class to a website to create a comic as this correlates with our comic writing lessons in language arts.  MF
2nd Grade--I will be doing a Smart Board activity to introduce a writing activity through brainstorming.  JP
2nd Grade--We will be doing a germ lesson on the Smart Board. We will be learning about germs. We will be working together to invent solutions that will keep our communities germ free. Students must identify how their intervention can help the community. They will be required to include a problem and solution statement. The intervention must be a solution to reducing/eliminating germs. They will use the application KidPix to create a drawing of their intervention. This will be a 2-3 day project.  DM
3rd Grade--I will be using my Smart Board for a math lesson and for any science questions that arise.  I will also use it for a verb activity.  RM
3rd Grade--I will be teaching students how to use their new ePals accounts by modeling a demonstration on my Smart Board.  JA
4th Grade--The lesson I plan on doing during the day will be on the French Fur Trade.  I will show maps of North America and trace the Route of Jean Nicolet.  I will show pictures of what was typically traded between the French and the Native Americans.  I will show a typical French encampment as well as the process of portaging a canoe. We will discuss the reasons for trying to find the Northwest Passage and the competition between countries for control of the land and fur trade. The students will then be quizzed on what they learn.  AF

4th Grade--We will be using the video recording from the flip phone... down load it... and then create a classroom presentation about our interesting places report and project to be viewed on the Smart Board.  EB

4th Grade--I plan to introduce my students to an online research project called "The Day I Was Born" and have them in the computer lab working on this research.  We will also be doing some interactive map work on the Smart Board as we study the southeastern region of the United States.  HA

6th Grade Science--My plan for Feb. 1st is to use the Smart Board to explore 2 sites: spaceflightnow.com and discoverynews.com/space/. More specifically, an asteroid is supposed to be coming close enough to Earth on Monday that astronomers are calling a near miss. They always post the latest breaking news re. space on these 2 sites.  LH

6th Grade Social Studies--The students will be doing presentations on a character from Greek mythology in class Wednesday.  We will be using the random number generator from the Smart Board to determine the order they present in.   We will also be supplementing their presentations with websites.  If time allows I will be showing a short video from Discovery on Greek mythology.  TR

6th Grade Special Ed--My students will be using my classroom computers to research information on the planets.  Eventually they will be compiling their information to create their own books about the planets.  They will use their knowledge of word processing, word art, clip art, and collecting digital images to enhance their project. TL

6th Grade--I just wanted to show them an example of an interactive textbook that I downloaded on my iPad on the Smart Board and then have a discussion about where they think education is headed in the future.  MR

7th Grade Language Arts--students will use laptops to research current news stories in order to create their own public speaking newscast.  SJ

7th Grade Math--Students will have the ability to go to the Freedom Middle School website to watch & listen to Wednesday's lesson if they were absent or they need to review.  Students will be challenge with two different game activities on the Smart Board to reinforce Wednesday's lesson.  SR

7th Grade Science--I am going to be asking the students to bring in their cell phones on Wednesday for technology day.  I am going to have them text an answer to a question to that polleverywhere.com website.  If they do not have texting, I will let them use my phone.  RA

8th Grade Literature--I am going to be in the computer lab that day working with students.  We are going to be looking at and listening to song lyrics on line in order to connect and reflect about characters and themes within the novel we are reading.  We will also be posting to Wallwisher some character analysis pieces and possibly blogging other information pertinent to the novel The Outsiders.  GL

8th Grade Math--I will be interactively using the Glencoe.com site that coincides with our textbook.  Students will be using chapter quizzes and test review for their upcoming exam.  LI

8th Grade Literature--I will be using Quia and Quizlet on the Smart Board for some large group practice on grammar and vocab. concepts.  JF
8th Grade Social Studies--Students will be having an online current events discussion. We will view CNN Student News and use their online discussion questions to facilitate our discussion. Students will be using their hand held devises to participate. The discussion will take place on the wiki I have created for my classroom use.  JV
Middle School Art--I will be in the computer lab having the students looking up different architecture.  They then will have to go back to the class room and make a model (either a famous building or their own creation) out of clay.  This will pertain to real life experience .... if they want to be an architect, then they will have to know how to build models.   I still need help whenever you have time.  EG
Middle School Band--Students will be using Flip Cameras to make videos for band recruitment at the elementary later this year.  DL

Middle School Spanish--I am using the website gameguroo.com and from there using a lot of online games on my Smart Board to practice Spanish numbers such as memory, hangman, moneybags, matching, and categories.  JH

Special Ed--I am just going to do a paperless learning day on Wednesday.  We are going to do computer, iPod and Smart Board activities for each class.  I am going to use a variety of games, apps and Smart Board activities during the day.  DR 

9th Grade English--I am considering using an iPad app to do an activity working with Shakespearian language and the various "insults" used during the time period.  The activity is meant to show which word choices were appropriate in which situations and whether it was a group of people or if an individual which insults would be used with which gender.  This is related to the insults students are seeing in the play we are reading and is part of helping them understand the language of Shakespeare's time.  JH

9th Grade Science--On Wednesday, we are learning about different types of reactions. I'm planning on doing a demonstration with my camera to show one of the reaction types; we'll do a Smart Board lesson, and end with a poll everywhere poll with their cell phones.  CG

12th Grade English--Students will be using Animoto videos to supplement their books talks during some classes.  This multimedia component enhances their presentations and engages their audience with images, words, and music that capture the essence of the books on which they're presenting.  EM

Algebra--On Wednesday, I will be using TI-84 Plus Graphing Calculators to coincide with an activity from education.ti.com dealing with slopes of linear equations. I will also be utilizing the Ziggi Document Camera along with the Smart Board for the presentation of the activity.  JF

Algebra/Physical Science--I am going to be going a Smart Board lesson in Algebra A on Probability and Odds--with a mini lab demo.  In Physical Science--we will be online looking at different types of chemical reactions.  JJ

High School Art--We will be using ThingLink to find famous artists and link resources for presentation.  TB

Biology--"The tip to tail of DNA technologies at Freedom High School."  JD

Business Ed/Cisco--A+ Computer Certification will be online working with the A+ Curriculum.  Cisco 1st year will be working through the Packet Tracker and Traceroute labs.  Cisco 2nd year will be configuring routers and switches and performing Packet Tracer labs. Financial Planning classes will be preparing tax forms to be electronically submitted.  DL

Chemistry--I will show off the use of incorporating video (obtained from a variety of sources) into Smart Notebook lectures on the Smart Board in order to increase understanding of complex lab topics.  AR

FACE--My plan is to share a Smart Board lesson with the Child Development students on styles of parenting.  I also plan to use Blackboard/FVTC to share class information on self-awareness to the students in People Skills.  MVDB

Geography--Using the Smart Board, Students will be breaking geographic areas into regions based on common characteristics.  Students will be learning the differences between formal, perceptual, and functional regions.  Students will use their knowledge of regions to create a population cartogram, which will also be using Smart Board technology.  NH

Keyboarding--We will be using the EduTyping website to reinforce keyboarding skills, use Word, Excel, Access and Publisher along with uploading documents to LiveBinder for future use.  BH

High School Music--I will be using youtube in my music class.  LM

High School Phy Ed--My PE Classes will be playing a team hand ball game while wearing Heart Rate Monitors and the monitor readings will be projected on the wall for the students to see during their activity. The students will work to achieve a Training Effect number of 2.5 or higher and maintain an average heart rate of 145.  MB

Power and Energy Class--I will be having my class work on laptops to utilize google docs and other digital apps for use on future projects.  JA
High School Spanish--use the Smart Board to play songs and to access youtube video (watch and discuss), review vocabulary & to give presentation of an ideal hotel for a hotel stay; access Internet for pictures of the hotel, use Google apps to collectively create a class survey on food.  RP
High School Special Ed--I would like to do an iPad application lesson with the classroom newspaper, News For You That Day.  LM

Technical Drafting Class--I will be introducing AutoCad software to the technical drafting class.  BS

Tech Ed--Students will learn how to use an architectural scale through instruction from teacher and video sources on the Internet.  JR

Administration--Learning how Smart Pens are being used in Special Ed classrooms.  JM