Freedom, Wisconsin--A History

Freedom, Wisconsin--A History

Freedom, Wisconsin--A History

In May of 1830, a black man named James Jackson and his Stockbridge Indian wife came to Wisconsin to clear their nine acres. In the beginning, the Towns of Freedom and Center functioned under the name Lansing. The Freedom village was called Sagola, which is an Indian word meaning "Good Morning". The town council then wanted to call the town "Jackson" after the black man. Jackson said they should call it "Freedom" in recognition of his freedom.

By 1849, a small Irish-Catholic settlement developed in the Town of Freedom. The Town of Center was named after the place in Columbiana County, Ohio, where so many of the early Irish families had come from. Germans and Dutch also began to settle the area.

The first high school dates back to 1905 when Freedom Public High School was constructed by John McCann. Ray Fadner was the first principal and teacher. He traveled daily by horse between Appleton and Freedom. In 1927 or 1928, the old wooden school burned down. It was replaced by the brick building which is now part of the Administrative building. Between 1936-1938, the 'Old Gymnasium' was built by President Roosevelt's Works Project Administration. The woods area was built next in 1950 and was separated from the rest of the school. In 1956, a major addition was added to the existing school.

The Ag/Woods Hall, new gymnasium, lockers and the two boilers were added, along with the locker rooms. In 1972, a new portion of the school was built. This included the Green Gym. Boilers were not needed because the ones from the 1956 addition could handle the whole school.

Since 1972, several referendums have allowed more expansion. There are now many more classrooms, a fieldhouse, a new library, and much more. The elementary building has also been expanded.

For further information read Land of the Fox: Saga of Outagamie County edited by Gordon A. Bubolz.



Eight rural schools were consolidated to
form Freedom Elementary/Junior High School
in September of 1965

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